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You are hereProceedings of the 2010 OAS Annual Meeting

Proceedings of the 2010 OAS Annual Meeting

Monday, August 23, 2010
Opening Session – Moderator: Julia Schmitt, NE, OAS Past-Chair
1:00 Opening Remarks - David Walter, OAS Chair
1:10 Welcome from Oregon –
1:20 Keynote Address – The Honorable William C. Ostendorff, NRC Commissioner
2:00 IMPEP Chair Intro – Michael F. Weber, NRC
2:15 IMPEP Assessment Report – George Pangburn
2:35 Break
2:50 Year in Review – David Walter, OAS Chair
3:05 CRCPD Update – Michael Gilley, CRCPD Chair
3:20 Recognition of Working Groups – David Walter, OAS Chair
3:35 Hall of Fame Award – David Walter, OAS Chair
3:45 Business Meeting #1

Tuesday, August 24, 2010
Web Based Licensing/Integrated Source Management Session – Moderator: Lee Cox, NC, OAS Director, Emerging Issues and Advocacy
8:00 Description and Discussion

Medical Events Session – Moderator: Lee Cox, NC OAS Director of Emerging Issues and Advocacy
9:15 New York Brachytherapy Events – Robert Dansereau, NY
9:35 Update on the Multiple Medical Events Involving Prostate Brachytherapy Treatments at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center-Philadelphia – Patricia J. Pelke, NRC
9:55 Agreement State Evaluation of Incidences With HDR’s – Barbara Park, MD
10:15 Break
10:45 Event Reporting – Daniel Collins, NRC
11:05 A New Way of Doing Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine – Aubrey Godwin, AZ
11:25 Challenges and Communication Issues for Emerging Technology Licensees – Justin Spence, OR
11:45 Lessons Learned Regarding Medical Training and Experience – Michael Fuller, NRC
12:00 Lunch on your own

Waste/Decommissioning Session – Moderator: Ann Troxler, LA, OAS Director, Rulemaking
1:15 US Ecology Waste Site – Earl Fordham
1:30 Decommissioning Verification – Jennifer Serne, WA
1:45 Integrated Spent Fuel Management – After Yucca Mountain – Michael F. Weber, NRC
2:00 Decommissioning Initiative – Katie Streit, NRC
2:15 Decommissioning Funding Plan Cost Estimate Calculator – Anine Grumbles, WA
2:30 Break
3:00 Waste Blending –

4:15 Working with Media and Congress – Rebecca Schmidt and Eliot Brenner, NRC
4:45 ACMUI Update – Debbie Gilley, FL, Agreement State Representative on ACMUI
5:00 Session Ends

Wednesday, August 25,2010
Part 37/ Increased Control Session – Moderator: Mike Snee, OH, OAS Treasurer
8:00 Panel Discussion –

8:40 49 CFR 172, Security Requirements and Category 1 & 2 Transportation Requirements - Karen Plessas, USDOT; TBD, NRC
9:10 Open Discussion on Part 37/Increased Controls (Cindy Caldwell, Facilitator)
9:40 Break
10:10 Global Threat Reduction Initiative (GTRI) – Ioanna Iliopulos, DOE
10:40 Radiation Source Security and Task Force Report – Charles Miller, NRC
11:00 Rules Updates – Mark Thaggard, NRC
11:20 Upcoming Rules – Mark Thaggard, NRC
11:40 Lunch on your own

Other Events Session – Moderator: Isabelle Busenitz, OAS Secretary
1:00 Baker Atlas Transportation Incident

2:00 Disposal of a Private Citizen’s Radioactive Chemicals – Cheryl Rogers, WI
2:20 Leaking Gammacell 40 – Robert Dansereau, NY
2:40 Break
3:10 Transportation Issues – Lisa Janairo, Council of State Governments
3:30 Hospital Radiation Emergency Preparedness Program– Bonny Wright, OR
4:00 Business Meeting #2

Thursday, August 26, 2010
Closing Session – Moderator: David Walter, AL, OAS Chair
8:30 Discussion of Economic and Staffing Review for State Programs – Closed to all but state and NRC staff
9:30 Safety Culture –

10:30 Break
11:00 Inspection Manual Chapter 2800 – Nima Ashkeboussi, NRC
11:15 NUREG 1556 - Jack Foster, NRC
11:30 Inspection Manual Chapter 1246, Training – Jack Foster, NRC
          Office of the Inspector General Briefing
11:45 Closing statements and invitation to 2011 meeting in Virginia – David Walter, OAS Chair
12:00 Meeting concludes

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