Jim Lynch, NRC Honored with OAS Hall of Fame Award

This year’s Hall of Fame recipient is very well known to the Agreement States as many of us have had opportunities to work with this person over the years.  This person has been a strong advocate for the Agreement State program and the IMPEP process.Starting with the NRC in 1981, this individual spent some time as an inspector and license reviewer before settling into his current position in 1992. At one point along the path he wrote a brilliant 10+ page white paper on why the NRC should do away with the GL program.

About OAS

The OAS is a nonprofit, voluntary, scientific and professional society incorporated in the District of Columbia. The membership of OAS consists of state radiation control directors and staff from the 37 Agreement States who are responsible for implementation of their respective Agreement State programs. The purpose of the OAS is to provide a mechanism for these Agreement States to work with each other and with the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) on regulatory issues associated with their respective agreements.